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This Lego VW T2 Bay Window is so cool

There’s a thriving community of brick builders trying to get their creations noticed by Lego, and you can help make this Lego VW T2 Bay Window a reality.

JUST LIKE THE Lego LandCruiser 40 Series we showed you earlier this week, we’ve stumbled across this Lego VW T2 Bay Window that brick builder Norton74 is (Andrea Latanzio) trying to get off the line. Indeed, the Lego Ideas website is one of our favourite sites at the moment, with brickies regularly throwing up creations that, if they get 10,000 supporters will be considered by Lego to be produced as main-line Lego sets.

Beloved of surfers around the world, Norton74 has included two surfboards with his creation. He said: “My T2 is a classic “2 seat” pick-up in blue. The pick-up configuration was very widespread in the seventies, both in Europe and in the USA”.

There aren’t a heap of details on his submission, but Norton74 claims the engine compartment can be opened to reveal the engine and that the two S.E.V. MARCHAL driving lights were a common addition in the 1970s.

So, if you want to lend your support to Norton74’s submission, click the link HERE and show his project some love.

Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober