Lego masters in the UK have hand-built, in secret, a full-scale Lego McLaren Senna taking almost half-a-million bricks to build.

After more than five thousand hours of building time (it takes 300 hours to build an actual Senna), a full-scale Lego McLaren Senna has been revealed. Weighing 1700kg, the Lego replica weighs 500kg more than the actual McLaren Senna and features the seat, steering wheel and pedals from the actual Senna.

Indeed, it’s possible to climb in behind the wheel of the Senna, press the starter button and hear a simulation of the actual car’s engine note. All the car’s lights and infotainment system operate as normal and the wheels and tyres are as specified for the Senna.

The Lego McLaren Senna will be shown at a number of events around the UK this year, including the Goodwood Festival of Speed.


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