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The new Lamborghini Countach is teased

Lamborghini begins teasing the new Countach.

50 years since the Countach made its first outing, Lamborghini has begun teasing the new model. The Italian car maker is getting close to showing off a contemporary remake of its ’70s supercar.

It was first shown to a crowd at the 1971 Geneva Motor Show with stunning design and sharp lines, swapping the Miura’s curvy silhouette for something a little more angular. For this reason, the Countach was a poster car for many, and 50 years on its appeal remains.

Lamborghini took to social media to post a teaser image of the model along with the caption: ‘We make dreams come true. We did it with the classic Countach in the 1970s. And we’re doing it again. The new Lamborghini Countach is coming.’

No further details have been announced, but rumours on social media point toward the use of the ‘LPI 800-4’ name, LPI standing for Longitudinale Posteriore Ibrido (hybrid). Should this be accurate, it’s likely that the model will feature the 603kW supercapacitor-equipped powertrain first featured in the Sian FKP 37.

The design remains under wraps for now, but the single teaser image provided does give us a glimpse at a recognisable wedge-shaped silhouette.

Pricing, availability and a full reveal date are yet to be confirmed, but expect to see further details sooner rather than later, with California’s Monterey Car Week already underway.

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