MINI has answered a question that no-one asked in that it has just co-produced THE MINI surfboard…

WHILE MINI would argue otherwise almost no-one has ever asked for a surfboard that ‘handled like a MINI’… but that didn’t stop the brand from teaming up with Channel Islands Surfboards, to develop a surfboard which “surfs like a MINI”.

THE MINI surfboard launched

Here’s what the statement said, “The board, called “THE MINI” reflects MINI’s best attributes and has been shaped from scratch to cut through waves at speed with its short and sporty design. The development and design team included Christopher Weil, Head of Exterior Design at MINI, and US Open surfing Champion Kalani Robb. “To create this feeling of agility and speed, we’ve developed a board with a little extra tail volume. The board’s wider outline and low rocker really make it fly” explains Robb.

True to the nature of the MINI brand, surfers can customise their surfboard by choosing from almost any combination of stylish colours and schemes; from Chili Red to black rally stripes. THE MINI is available now from selected outlets and the Channel Islands online shop with prices starting at £580 (AUD$1244).

THE MINI surfboard launched


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