Subaru became the fastest-growing top 10 brand in August with 4579 vehicles sold, according to official VFACTs figures out today.

SUBARU SOLD 4579 vehicles in August, making it the fastest-growing top 10 brand in the country. Subaru sales grew 36.2% compared to August 2016 and year-to-date (YTD) performance is up 13.1%, in a market that is up just 1.8%, overall, for the month and 0.6% YTD.

According to Subaru, its new-generation Impreza and XV led the sales charge with 970 (up 230% for the month) and 1176 units sold (up 139% for the month), respectively. Also performing strongly was WRX, with 271 sales, up 19.9% for the month. The BRZ also realised growth in August with 71 sales, up 787.5% for the month and 96.3% YTD. Forester sold 984 units, an increase of 5.5% for the month.

Colin Christie, Managing Director, Subaru Australia, said: “August was our 32nd consecutive month of growth, so it’s no aberration and we’re delighted by the broad acceptance of our new generation Impreza and XV in particular, which are introducing many new customers to Subaru”.


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  1. Nice enough car, too bad it’s as gutless as all hell, why no WRX type version, then it would be interesting. Not that most people give two figs about performance these days.

    1. How would you know? Have you taken the new XV for a test ride? I have, and it has plenty of power for regular driving and mild off road. But if you want to drive like a maniac, then it is not for you.

      And it is very comparable in power to its direct competitors (Toyota CHR, Honda HRV and Mazda CX3), but slays them off road.

      I wish car reviewers would compare these subcompact SUVs within their category. Race car performance is not a requirement for this target market.

      And if you want more power, Subaru does have other choices. WRX for the street car drivers, and the Forester XT for the SUVs. The only product hole is a WRX hatch. But we will have to wait until 2020 to see if that is addressed.

      Subaru has been very successful with their new XV launch, as their sales attest. Their biggest challenge is actually fulfilling demand, as supply of preferred trims and colors are constrained.

      1. Ooh I want a more powerful engine, I must be a maniac. Nice, what does that make you, a tosser I’d say since you want to make it personal. I have no problem if you are happy with your car, but don’t preach to me about what I need. Why is that the Europeans can give you 10 engine choices in a car, yet Japan has a one size fits all. And yes I have driven this car and the Imprezza RS, same engines and they are very ordinary, slow, coarse and thirsty. Hello is this Subaru, 1995 called and wants it’s engines back.

        As for mentioning the farcically gutless CHR, now you really are having a lend, it makes the Corlla seem fast.

        1. I had a 1995 Subaru Legacy wagon. Just had a 2.2l with only

          135 hp (sorry, am not from Ozland, so don’t relate to KWs, NMs or whatever). The XV/Impreza has 152 hp. So, no I don’t want 1995 Subaru power…

          And didn’t mean to insult you with the maniac comment. I already have one over powered vehicle, and never really get to make use of it. Smoking tires tend to attract the wrong kind of attention…

      2. I have just bought one of these and it’s power is fine for the purpose and market that it is aimed at. It’s an everyday car that does what it is designed to do and that is reliable and efficient transport. If you think you need something more sporty and powerful buy something that is.I’m very happy with the XV. Something more sporty well I’m also happy with my Nissan Skyline!

    2. I’m with you Azmodan. I’ve got a Forester XT, and if it’s 2 litre turbo engine was offered in an XV I’d be interested.

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