Car companies and dealers always have an eye on customer service, and Subaru’s mobile service vans are a new, old idea.

The concept of a mobile mechanic isn’t new, and there have been many independent and franchises plying their trade from vans over the years. But what is new is a major car manufacturer offering mobile service. Subaru say that “qualified Subaru mobile service technicians perform the service from the convenience of the customer’s chosen location – whether at home, shopping centre (dependent on access being granted by the centre’s management), work etc.”

This is a great move from Subaru. We’ve seen dealers start to open earlier and stay open later, and offer all sorts of courtises such as transport to CBDs and loan cars. Finally, it seems the industry is realising that owners like to get to work by 9am and leave after 5 when their car is being serviced.

Subaru say the new service “is a part of Subaru’s “do” rebrand initiative, to be innovative and “do things differently”, ultimately creating positive change for customers.”

The mobile service vans aren’t yet operating nationwide. The first was trialled in Narellan, NSW, and has been expanded into other areas of Sydney.  Subaru say it is being evaluated in Canberra, Wagga Wagga and Port Macquarie, and that the van will support pop-up stores in Melbourne next year, and Subaru plan for another 10 vans to be on the road by the end of 2017.

Not all Subarus will be eligible for moble servicing – only 2012 model year vehicles onwards, not the 50,000km service and no STi vehicles.

What do you think – would you want a mobile service, or would you stick to the dealer service centre?


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  1. We just got a new Outback and I’d love on-site service. As long as they can assure us it is of the same quality and grade of an ‘in-dealer’ service at the same price I’d be happy. I wonder what happens at the 50K service that the mobile guy can’t do it? – and STI?

    1. The 50k service probably involves tools that are not cost-effective to put in a van, or maybe two mechanics to do some work, or both. STi probably involves specialised tools or fluids. I would expect the quality to be the same, and if the mobile guy can’t do something he can always have the car returned to the dealership, or call in more help.

  2. Sounds great. There is no dealer near me so it is 30+ minutes drive each way. All the others have shops within 10 in a central car district.

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