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Skoda teases new Fabia WRC car

Hyundai has teased a photo of its new WRC car, but Skoda has gone one step further and released a video of its next-generation Skoda Fabia R5 rally car in action.

SKODA UNVEILED THE 2015 Fabia a few weeks ago but it seems testing of its new WRC car is well under way. Like Hyundai before it, Skoda isn’t giving much away but the camouflaged Fabia R5 (with all-wheel drive) looks totally mean.The new Fabia R5 will replace the Fabia 2000 and will compete in the WRX-2 category of the World Rally Championship in 2016.

The video shows the prototype being driven across both gravel and bitumen. Watch the Skoda Fabia R5 in action:

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober