If you’ve got kids then you’ll know what it feels like to ferry them around to their extracurricular activities, the Skoda Parent Taxi app allows you to trade that ferrying-around for chores…

Last weekend I drove almost 100km getting my kids to their extracurricular activities. Sure, as a parent I don’t mind; they’re keeping active and having fun…but the Skoda Parent Taxi app allows you to track those journeys and charge your kids in chores around the house.

Available on both iOS and Android, the Skoda Parent Taxi app, “enables grown-ups to exchange lifts in the car for useful activities and chores such as feeding the family pet, cleaning the car, tidying the bedroom or doing the washing up”. Having just downloaded it, I’ll be using it to see how effective it is in motivating my kids…but I’ll hazard a guess and say, not very.

Skoda Parent Taxi

The app works by tracking the journey via GPS, and parents/guardians can set how many kilometres equate to a single chore. Once the driver has reached their passenger’s destination, the app totals the distance travelled and reveals the chore/s for the journey.

“As a means of receipt, the driver can share the completed journey directly to the passenger’s phone/device via text or email; it even gives the option to share the details on social media. Other functionality includes the ability to view past journeys and fares, create a bespoke chore receipt, and track the total amount of journeys”. Hmm, given my two kids are seven- and 10-years-old, I’m not sure how effective this will be. Stay tuned.

Skoda Parent Taxi


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