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How To: Towing

Caravan and trailer towing is more difficult than normal driving, so in this video we quickly show you the tips to start towing safely.


Remember to take it slow and easy, and make sure you have adjusted your mirrors – you might even consider caravan towing mirrors if the trailer is large.

Extra caravan towing tips:

Unbraked towing: Most of the medium to large 4WDs can tow 750kg unbraked, but not always. Trailer brakes are a great idea for anything over 200kg, and especially if you’re going to tow offroad.

Trailer brakes: You need independent trailer brakes above 2000kg – that means overrun brakes are not permitted. The main reason for this is so you can control trailer sway, which is helped with Trailer Sway Control on our Ranger here.

Tow rating: A tow tongue may be double rated – this one can do 350kg, but invert some tongues and the rating drops to 250kg. This Ranger can also tow 3500kg braked, though some cars might be less.

Chains: Trailers up to 2500kg require just one chain, over 2500kg two, however double chains are always a good idea.

A few other rules: You can’t tow more than one trailer at a time, no passengers are allowed in trailers, learners are not allowed to tow, and for weights above 3500kg you need a 70mm ball (“normal” ones are 50mm) which is good up to 4500kg, and beyond that a pintle.

To learn more about how the Ford Ranger makes towing easier than you might think, click here

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Joseph de Jong
Joseph de Jong
1 year ago

So why aren’t the chains crossed in your video, as this is the recommended practice to ensure the hitch is caught within the cross-sling, should it become detached?

1 year ago

Mistake One – You would normally cross the safety chains

Practical Motoring

Practical Motoring