Raptor, it’s a name we’ve been hearing a lot about in the last week or so… to steal some of Ford Oz’s thunder, the Shelby Raptor Baja has just been unveiled. And it’s a nutter.

THE SHELBY RAPTOR BAJA has been unveiled boasting more power from the 3.5-litre twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 (thanks to a custom cold-air performance intake system and tune), tweaked FOX Racing suspension that can be adjusted to suit the terrain you’re in simply by turning a dial inside the cabin.

Shelby Raptor Baja

Other changes include Shelby lettering on the ram air bonnet bulge, a custom front bumper, there are mounts for two spare wheels and rock sliders with automatic running boards to help you climb into the thing (the F-150 Raptor sits 3 inches higher than standard). The standard-fit BF Goodrich tyres have been replaced with even more aggressive BF Goodrich K02 tyres on custom Shelby alloys.

Shelby Raptor Baja

Inside there are embroidered leather seats, floor mats and console badging. The dashboard bears a limited-run number. And, while you can buy one of these things straight from Shelby, anyone who already owns a 2017 F-150 Raptor can have Shelby tweak it.

“While the Raptor is an amazing truck right from Ford, we reimagined it for those who asked Shelby for an even more extreme version,” said Gary Patterson, Shelby American President. “The Shelby Raptor is harder edged, with more grunt and handling capability. We added adjustable shocks so the driver can even tailor their ride. This truck was designed and tested for those who seek maximum adventure both on and off the road.”


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  1. Hold me, i am falling,off my chair ,not the roof. What a machine this is.Have to fit a old steam train bull bar to drive it in Thailand.

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