The 2018 Suzuki Swift Sport has been revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show promising a “true hot hatch”.

SUZUKI HAS REVEALED the all-new Swift Sport at the Frankfurt Motor Show overnight and while Suzuki is remaining tight lipped on key specs it is promising it’s got the goods to be considered a true driver’s car.

The statement read, “The latest generation of the Swift Sport brings with it a myriad of changes which include a lower, wider stance, more aggressive styling, and a torque-to-weight ratio that catapults the Sport into true hot hatch territory”.

2018 Suzuki Swift Sport

Suzuki, as predicted, has dropped the old car’s 1.6-litre four-cylinder in favour of the 1.4-litre turbocharged four-cylinder from the Vitara Turbo. There’s no word on whether it makes more power in the Swift Sport, but we doubt it, so, expect 103kW and 220Nm of torque. But, on the plus side, the Swift Sport weighs less than 1000kg, so, should be quite a bit of fun.

2018 Suzuki Swift Sport

Swift Sport chief engineer Mr Masao Kobori said, “We know that our customers value a dynamic driving experience above everything else, so for the third-generation Swift Sport our development concept was Ultimate Driving Excitement.”

2018 Suzuki Swift Sport

Mr Kobori continued, “It’s lighter, sharper, and quicker. It’s more aggressive and emotive, but we’ve also refined the elements that make it practical to use every day—the clutch feel, the manual transmission shift throw, the seats and steering wheel. Everything that puts the driver at the heart of the experience.”

Suzuki Australia hasn’t said when we can expect to see the Swift Sport Down Under or what it might cost when it does get here. Stay tuned.


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