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Remote Control Range Rover Sport revealed [video]

Jaguar Land Rover boffins have revealed a remote control range rover sport which can be controlled from outside the vehicle using just a smartphone.

IN A DEMONSTRATION OF its ability to build autonomous vehicles, Jaguar Land Rover has revealed a Remote Control Range Rover Sport. The boffins have created an app that allows the car to be controlled with a smartphone.

“The smartphone app includes control of steering, accelerator and brakes as well as changing from high and low range. This would allow the driver to walk alongside the car, at a maximum speed of 4mph, to manoeuvre their car out of challenging situations safely, or even to negotiate difficult off-road terrain,” Land Rover said in a statement.

remote control range rover sport revealed

“The driver could use the smartphone to reverse the car out of a parking space if someone has parked too close for them to open the door, or allow the driver to become their own off-road spotter, to guide the car over off-road obstacles from outside the vehicle.

“By walking alongside the car, the driver could continually check ramp, approach and departure angles and allow precise positioning of the vehicle when rock crawling. It could also be an invaluable aid when the vehicle is fording a stream or traversing sections made slippery by mud or snow. The remote control function will only operate if the user is within 10 metres of the car and if the smart key can be detected. The system will stop the vehicle if the driver moves out of range or gets too close.”

Dr Wolfgang Epple, Director of Research and Technology, Jaguar Land Rover, said: “Getting a car out of a tricky parking manoeuvre can be a stressful experience for any driver. A Remote Control car, or a vehicle that can autonomously turn in the road, demonstrates how we could use these new technologies to reduce the tedious parts of driving and improve road safety.

“Research into technologies like these won’t only help us deliver an autonomous car. They will help make real driving safer and more enjoyable. The same sensors and systems that will help an autonomous car make the right decisions, will assist the driver and enhance the experience to help prevent accidents. Autonomous car technologies will not take away the fun of driving.”

“Because our customers drive in all terrains and in all weathers, any future autonomous Jaguar or Land Rover must be as capable on rough tracks and unpaved roads as it would be on city streets,” added Dr Epple.

Jaguar Land Rover’s aim will be to deliver a range of options in the future, covering full autonomous vehicles through to engaged vehicles that will allow the driver to control the car when they choose, or allow the car to take control. There’s no word on when this technology might make its way into production vehicles, but it could potentially be available by 2020 if the aims of other car makers are anything to go by.

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8 years ago

Although it sounds gimmicky I can see real potential in this for those not comfortable driving in difficult off-road situations. Being able to stand outside the vehicle and get it through, without risking life and limb, is a great idea!

Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober