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Radical new BMW 4 Series look leaked

No surprise, another new BMW and another big new grille, though this time it’s different.

Images of the new BMW 4 Series have leaked online, ahead of the model’s official debut tomorrow, with what is alleged to be marketing material of the upcoming new-generation Coupe.

Originally posted to Twitter, the images show the new model front, side, and rear, touting a distinguished new front-end design with, as most will have predicted, a larger grille. The radical new nose design is a departure from the usual twinning image to the 3 Series.

BMW has been on a rapid scaling project lately to push its new grilles to new boundaries, however, unlike most new BMW grilles which seem to be getting ever wider, this new 4 Series version is much taller. And the headlights have a unique, slanted design, distinguishing the model from its 3 Series sedan and wagon stablemates.

Whether or not it looks good is up for debate, with Twitter users – however reliable that might be as an indicator of actual buyers – sitting firmly on both sides of the fence.

Given the model has not been officially released yet, there are no details on what else we can expect, though a date in the brochure suggests the model will be available by at least November this year – and it’s scheduled to be officially revealed tomorrow in Europe.

That leaves Australia looking at a late-2020 or early-2021 arrival for the model when it will join an established lineup of new BMW models. New 4 Series variants will include 30i and performance M440i before the flagship M4 lineup lands in both coupe and grand coupe body styles.

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Alex Rae