Porsche is recalling 4428 two-door sports cars around the world (56 in Australia) for a faulty lock bracket.

AN INTERNAL QUALITY check by Porsche has revealed a potential fault with the lock bracket on the front boot of 4428 two-door Porsche sports cars worldwide, there are 56 vehicles affected in Australia. The recall affects Porsche 911 Carrera, Boxster and Cayman and Porsche has said, “it is not possible to guarantee that the bracket meets the specifications in the long term. However, to date there have not been any incidents (such as unintentional opening of the front lid)”.

The breakdown of cars affected in Australia is: 27 Boxster / Cayman models and 29 911 models recently registered. A further 20 cars (8 Boxster / Cayman, 12 911) are affected but have not yet been delivered to customers.

Porsche says, “The problem was discovered during in-house quality checks and was immediately corrected. The relevant authorities in Australia have been notified and Porsche Cars Australia (PCA) is contacting customers to visit their Official Porsche Centre where the correction will take approximately 30 minutes and be at no cost”.


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