Porsche launched its Porsche GTS Routes app alongside its new 911 and Cayenne GTS models, the app allows you to share and rate your favorite driving roads.

WHILE ALMOST every road is better when you drive it in a Porsche, the GTS community app doesn’t require you to own a Porsche to join. The app is available for iOS and Android devices for free and already contains around 55 roads suggested by community members across Australia and New Zealand.

Anyone with the app can upload their favourite road to the GTS Community and let them vote on the route via a GTS Factor rating. The app uses a tweaked version of Google Maps software.

Porsche GTS Routes app

Practical Motoring would remind readers that if you’re going to attempt one of the roads listed in the app that you adhere to all speed limits and drive to the conditions. Noting ruins the reputation of car enthusiasts faster than one or two idiots who think they’re driving a road rally stage.

Watch Porsche’s video promoting its new GTS Community:


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