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Plug-in hybrid Citroen CXPERIENCE CONCEPT teased ahead of Paris Motor Show

The plug-in hybrid Citroen CXPERIENCE CONCEPT has been teased ahead of the Paris Motor Show in October.

THE CITROEN CXPERIENCE CONCEPT will get its official reveal at the Paris Motor Show in October offering a glimpse of what a future Citroen four-door plug-in hybrid sedan might look like.

Here’s how Citroen described it: “the CXPERIENCE CONCEPT stands apart with its V-shaped headlamps blending seamlessly into Citroen’s trademark grille, rear-hinged ‘autoclave’ doors that rise to the top of the roof at a 90-degree perpendicular angle (in line with the wheels) and a concave rear window punctuated by V-shaped, laser fibre optic 3D rear lights that reference the frontal lighting signature”.

Under the bonnet is a petrol motor offering between 110-150kW of power which is supplemented by an electric motor that produces 80kW. The vehicle, like the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV offers an all-electric mode and can travel up to 60km in zero emissions mode. On the open road the petrol motor can be used to keep the batteries topped up and powering the electric motor, with that petrol engine able to provide a boost in grunt if needed.

An eight-speed electronic automatic gearbox is placed transversely between the internal combustion engine and the electric motor and a compact battery is positioned under the cabin. This gets around the usual issue of the battery taking up either rear seat or boot space.

 “The whole Style team pulled in the same direction to create a new executive saloon with international reach, breaking with conventional codes to express the brand’s values: Optimistic, Human and Smart,” said Alexandre Malval, Citroen Design Director.

Inspired by architecture and furnishings, the cabin of CXPERIENCE CONCEPT is a work of clean, contemporary lines. Featuring premium materials, “it is clad in a citrus yellow shade synonymous with a fresh, optimistic mindset”.

“The single-spoke steering wheel gives a nod to the brand’s history and the floating dashboard is a horizontal design with a three-dimensional appearance featuring a sculpted, tubular cut-out flowing in a single piece from the right rear door to the left rear door,” Citroen said.

“The Citroen CXPERIENCE CONCEPT car challenges convention to express a new vision of executive saloons. It also fits in perfectly with the ambitions of the ’Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme,’” said Citroen Chief Executive Officer, Linda Jackson.

“CXPERIENCE CONCEPT illustrates the brand’s capacity to deploy its ’Be Different, Feel Good’ promise in this segment,” she added.

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober