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Peugeot announces drive-away pricing on bulk of its range

Peugeot has announced drive-away pricing for the bulk of its range in a bid to drive sales, with some models realising $5500 price cuts.

UNDER PEUGEOT’S new drive-away pricing, which became effective from June 1, some cars in its line-up will become cheaper, like the 508 Allure Diesel sedan which is a staggering $5500 cheaper under the new pricing structure. Other vehicles to get drive-away pricing, include the 208, 308 and 508 passenger vehicles, as well as 2008, 3008 and 4008 SUV lines.

Peugeot said that for models where drive-away pricing has not been applied, reductions in recommended retail price may be applied (see pricing table).

Peugeot announces new drive-away prices in Australia

Peugeot Australia General Manager, John Startari, said that the move to drive-away pricing is aimed at simplifying the purchase process, boosting appeal and providing access to the same pricing nationwide.

“The introduction of drive-away pricing is aimed at ensuring that all Peugeot customers gain access to the same offers Australia-wide. As a bonus they also receive greater value due to price reductions across relevant models,” said Startari.

“The decision to roll out drive-away pricing to a wider selection of vehicles was in part due to a positive response to the recent 308 drive-away offer.

“Ultimately, the winners with our new pricing are customers. From 208 to 508 our latest vehicles are great to drive and great to look at. Now, with drive-away pricing, they represent even greater value,” Startari said.

All Peugeots are supported by the company’s Assurance servicing program, three year roadside assist program, along with a three year, 100,000km warranty.

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober