An Australian indistrial designer has rendered his own ‘next-generation’ HSV-branded rear-drive V8 sedan based on a Cadillac CTS.

AUSTRALIAN INDUSTRIAL designer, Michael Gray has rendered a next-generation HSV-branded rear-wheel drive V8 sedan. “I rendered this concept; using the Cadillac CTS as a base, customizing and tuning it locally to create a mid-size HSV-branded RWD V8 sedan. This is something that I believe HSV could and should do in the near future,” he wrote on his website (check out the site).

next-generation HSV sedan

While this is in no way an endorsed design, it’s worth mentioning that Gray was a creative intern at GM Holden Design and worked with the interior design team on design concepts for GM China product.

Holden will close down local manufacturing in 2017, but we know that Holden Special Vehicles will continue and likely sit in the market alongside VXR-tuned product.

Let us know what you think of the design. See you in the comments.


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