The new MG GS SUV has been teased ahead of its global reveal at the London Motor Show next week… and it could come to Australia.

MG HAS CHOSEN the London Motor Show to reveal its new MG GS SUV to the world, and there’s a chance the thing could come to Australia. Despite being a Chinese-owned company now, MG is determined, it says, to remind the market that it’s spiritual home is still the UK, hence the reason to launch such an important vehicle, for it, at the London Motor Show.

The new GS has already been seen by some people by way of augmented reality with the brand touring the new car around the country virtually in the lead up to next week’s reveal. According to MG, it will announce “further teases about the car at the event,” whatever that means…

Matthew Cheyne, Head of Sales and Marketing for MG, said: “Next week will be a really exciting moment for us, as we’re getting closer to launching this fantastic car into the market. Members of the public are finally getting the chance to get their hands on the UK model and see for themselves what an outstanding car this is.

“We’re extremely proud of the GS, so we’re looking forward to unveiling it and speaking to attendees of the event about how easily it will fit into their lifestyle. I can assure potential customers that it will be consistent with the MG-family pricing strategy.”

There are rumblings that MG is preparing to reemerge Down Under after it stumbled the last time it opened up shop here. Staff have been hired and journalists contacted, so, could it be waiting for the unveil of the MG GS before it officially announces it’s here again?


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  1. MG by name only.

    They have tickets on themselves, not only more expensive than Japanese but even koreans, FFS take yourself and havel [geely, great wall too] and go back to China with your fantasy talk, and prices

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