The new Jaguar I-Type Formula E car has completed its first official shakedown run in the UK.

JAGUAR ANNOUNCED its intention to enter Formula E racing earlier in the year and now its car, the Jaguar I-Type has completed its first shakedown run at Donnington Park circuit in the UK. Testing continues today and then again in September, ahead of the team’s official launch on September 8.

Jaguar’s first Formula E Race will take place in Hong Kong on October 9th 

According to Jaguar, Formula E will be used as a “a real-world performance test bed for Jaguar Land Rover to develop its future EV powertrains, pushing the boundaries of electric technology in an intensely competitive, high performance environment”.

In its short statement, Jaguar said that it’s looking for real-world innovations out of its Formula E involvement and pointed to its pioneering of the disc brake in racing. Stay tuned for the official launch of the new Jaguar I-Type on September 8.


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