The all-new 2018 BMW M5 has been revealed overnight in Germany with the sixth-generation M5 boasting more power, better dynamics and xDrive all-wheel drive…

THE ALL-NEW 2018 BMW M5 has been revealed overnight in Germany with the headline news that it will get xDrive all-wheel drive, among a raft of other performance-enhancing features.  

“The core component of M xDrive is a central intelligence unit with M-specific software delivering integrated control of longitudinal and lateral dynamics. The new drivetrain technology – making its debut on the new BMW M5 – therefore combines all of the agility and precision of standard rear-wheel drive with the supreme poise and traction of the all-wheel-drive system,” said Frank van Meel, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW M GmbH at the reveal. “As a result, the new BMW M5 can be piloted with the familiar blend of sportiness and unerring accuracy on both the race track and the open road – and in various weather conditions, too.”

BMW M5 revealed with all-wheel drive
The new BMW M5 will still be able to do this…

The driver will be able to choose from driving the M5 in either 2WD or all-wheel drive; which hinges off combinations of the stability control (DSC) modes: DSC on, MDM, DSC off) and M xDrive modes: 4WD, 4WD Sport, 2WD. But the default setting will always be all-wheel drive, with the driver having to manually toggle out of it.

BMW M5 revealed with all-wheel drive
…and this…

Delving a little deeper, BMW says the key to the ‘game-changing’ M5 are the way the xDrive all-wheel drive system and the Active M Differential mesh together. From the initial M5 press pack:

“With DSC deactivated, there is a choice of three modes (4WD, 4WD Sport and 2WD). In 4WD mode, M xDrive has a neutral set-up that lends itself to optimum controllability and outstanding traction. This is of particular benefit on roads that are in mediocre or poor condition. At the same time, 4WD mode also lets the driver explore the dynamic performance capabilities of the new BMW M5 with the DSC control system deactivated.

“Engaging 4WD Sport mode alters the M xDrive configuration for even greater agility and sportiness. The blend of absolute precision, delightful handling and phenomenal traction it reveals is a sure-fire route to supreme driving pleasure. 4WD Sport mode’s set-up has been fine-tuned with the assistance of highly experienced specialists and is geared towards track use in dry conditions.

“With 2WD mode activated, the new BMW M5 offers the keen driver the experience of driving a high-performance sedan with rear-wheel drive only, delivering a pure form of driving enjoyment that captivates in its own unique way. The combination of incredibly agile handling, terrific feel and exceptional controllability can be attributed to the Active M Differential”.

Under the bonnet is a revised 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 and while power and torque isn’t being revealed yet, BMW says the new M5 is significantly faster than the old car… “leave its predecessor trailing in its wake” was the exact line.

BMW M5 revealed with all-wheel drive

Expect to see more information roll out on the new M5 over the coming days and weeks. Stay tuned.


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