We’ve examined Munich’s latest powerhouse sedan and put together five essential facts you need to know about the 2018 BMW M5.

It’s the most powerful M in history

BMW hasn’t released official specifications yet, but we’ve been told that the new M5 will produce around 450kW and 700Nm. That’s at least 40kW and 20Nm more powerful than the outgoing model.

It’s powered by the same 4.4-litre V8 twin-turbocharged engine in the F10 M5, however, the engine has been comprehensively overhauled with larger hot-vee turbochargers, increased turbo boost pressure, higher pressure fuel-injectors and a new exhaust system. We’ve also been told the large sedan will sprint 0-100km/h, with launch control, in 3.5sec or less.

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  1. 700Nm is weak compared to the Merc E63’s 850Nm from a smaller capacity V8. I thought it was going to be 750Nm, but still well down on the Merc.

    1. It’s an impressive engine in the Mercedes. The M5 will be a fair bit lighter though (in the region of 150-200kg) and the new turbo design might bring more torque lower in the rev range. It’ll be a good battle no doubt. – Alex

      1. If the new M5 is 100kg lighter than the old then it should be ~ 150kg lighter than the E63, but 1700kg would be impressive for such a loaded beast as the M5. I can’t beleive it would be even lighter in the 1650kg range, but that would be epically good. Buy a second hand one in 5 years when it down to about $70K

        1. Yes, 150kg difference to the Merc. If BMW managed to put in an AWD system and drop 150kg from the previous M5, that would be very impressive. – Alex

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