In continuous production for 35 years, Mercedes-Benz has taken the G-Class back to where it ‘learned to walk’ off-road in a new TV ad… Enjoy.

Mercedes-Benz has taken its G-Class, a G350 Bluetec to be precise, back to where it “learned to walk”, otherwise known as the Shoeckl Mountains in Graz, Austria, in a new TV ad. The tracks Merc takes the G-Class across are only 30 minutes away from the Magna Steyr factory that produces the off-roader (Magna Steyr has a contract to produce the G-Class until 2022), allowing vehicle testers over the last 35 years to take prototypes off-road.

For those who haven’t simply clicked on the video, the G-Class hasn’t copped a refresh in its 35-year history with sales going up and up in the last few years as Hollywood starlets and round-ball footballers buy the utilitarian thing in their droves. And because the vast majority of people buying a G-Class these days will never ever venture off-road in one, Mercedes-Benz has released this ad to remind the world what the G-Class was actually built to do…

Legened has it that the G-Class was suggested, as a military vehicle, to Mercedes-Benz by the former Shah of Iran who was, back in the 1970s, a major shareholder in the company. It was first offered for civilian use in 1979.

The Australian Defence Force recently replaced its aging fleet of Defender 110s with Mercedes-Benz G-Class vehicles in four- and six-wheel drive. You can read our drive impression here.


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