Electric vehicle maker, Detroit Electric is only a month or so away from unveiling its SP:01 all-electric sports car and has teased it in a new video.

ACCORDING TO DETROIT ELECTRIC the release of the SP:01 will see a new brand identity launched, including a new logo and website. “The re-brand is the latest initiative in the company’s marketing strategy as Detroit Electric gears up for the start of sales of the SP:01, and follows the announcement of successful prototype testing in June this year,” a statement read.

“The introduction of the new blue and white colour palette represents the company’s pure electric positioning. Blue represents energy and modernity, and is reminiscent of lightning storms where ionised oxygen produces an electric blue effect, while white provides purity, simplicity and a bold contrast to the blue.”

Albert Lam, Chairman and CEO of Detroit Electric, said: “This new creative direction reflects Detroit Electric’s passion to deliver premium, design-driven products. We are proud to identify with the original Detroit Electric company’s history and look forward to enhancing the core values of this historic brand through innovation, pioneering spirit and performance. The new corporate identity has modernised the brand’s image to ensure it is fit for today’s rapidly evolving market, while preserving some of the magic and heritage of the original Detroit Electric brand.”


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