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Lexus won’t enter V8 Supercars. Yet…

Lexus has announced it won’t enter V8 Supercars with it RC-F under the Gen2 changes for 2017, but it will continue to provide support vehicles.

DESPITE PERSISTENT rumours at the beginning of the year that Lexus would announce its RC-F would enter V8 Supercars, or Supercars as it will be known, in 2017, the brand has today kiboshed that notion. Lexus management heavily suggested, at a number of press events at the beginning of the year that its RC-F would be eligible under Gen2 rules in 2017, so…

But today, in a short statement Lexus has announced it won’t enter ‘Supercars’ as a fully-fledged competitor, but will continue to provide support vehicles.

“Lexus has clarified its position on participating in Australian motorsport, announcing it will continue to provide support vehicles to V8 Supercars but not enter the championship as a fully-fledged competitor,” a statement from Lexus read.

Lexus Australia chief executive Sean Hanley said the luxury marque would continue to have a presence in V8 Supercars while monitoring the sport’s developments, including the 2017 Gen2 Supercar regulations that open up the series to new engine and body configurations.

“At this stage we will not enter V8 Supercars as a competitor, but we are delighted to continue providing high performance Lexus support vehicles, including the RC F V8 Safety Car,” Mr Hanley said.

“V8 Supercars remains a strong interest for Lexus and we will keenly watch how the sport evolves with the new regulations in 2017.”

On second thoughts… has Lexus really clarified anything? Sure, it won’t be on the grid in 2017, but it still hasn’t ruled out participating in the series after that.

What do you think, would you like to see an RC-F in the mix after the Gen2 rule change for 2017?

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober