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Lego to release Caterham Seven kit… Toyota LandCruiser being considered

Lego has announced it will release a kit of the Caterham Seven; the Danish company is also considering a Toyota LandCruiser.

LEGO HAS announced it will release a Caterham Seven kit later this year. The kit was created by Carl Greatrix (who is a designer for the Lego video games) and submitted to the Lego Ideas community where hundreds of aspiring brick builders submit their creations in the hope of achieving 10,000 votes of support to be considered as a line creation by Lego. The retail price and colour scheme of the Caterham Seven kit are yet to be confirmed.

Lego builder Carl Greatrix submitted the Caterham concept to LEGO Ideas and gained 10,000 votes between May and September last year (2015).

Lego to produce Caterham Seven model

Mike McCoy, from the LEGO Ideas team, said: “Carl is known in the LEGO community for his photo-realistic models of cars, trains and aircraft. He’s perfectly captured the classic British sportscar in LEGO bricks and now you’ll be able to own one too.”

Caterham Chief Commercial Officer, David Ridley, said: “The LEGO Company is one of the most iconic toy brands in the world so to have our car recreated in the legendary bricks is an enormous honour.

But the Caterham Seven isn’t the only Lego model to possibly come out of the Lego Ideas program, with Lego builder Mathew Inman building a beautiful Toyota LandCruiser 40 Series. Like the Caterham Seven kit, Matthew’s design reached the 10,000 supporters milestone (back in October 2015) and is currently under review by Lego as to whether it will go forward with the project.

See more at Lego Ideas.

Lego Toyota LandCruiser 40 Series


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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober