The recently launched LDV T60, Haval H2 and Honda CR-V have been awarded five star ratings by ANCAP.

COMPETITION IN THE UTE segment is fierce and so the recently launched LDV T60 copping a five-star ANCAP rating might help that vehicle gain some traction. “The LDV T60 dual cab enters the Australasian market this week with the 5 star rating it needs to gain sales traction in the highly competitive utility segment,” announced ANCAP Chief Executive Officer, Mr James Goodwin.

“This broadens the segment even further with added choice for safety-conscious consumers using their ute for work and weekends.”

“The T60 performed well in our crash tests, although like all light commercial utes currently rated, it lacks autonomous emergency braking,” Mr Goodwin added. It’s worth noting that, in 2018, AEB will become a necessary safety feature to make a vehicle eligible for a five-star rating, although whether it will be mandatory for commercial vehicles remains to be seen.

Another Chinese export, the Haval H2 has gone ahead of its bigger brother the H9 which only managed a four-star rating when tested last year. All variants of the H2 received a five-star rating.

The Honda CR-V (all variants) also belatedly received its five-star rating from ANCAP. “Customers who have bought or are considering the Honda CR-V which launched earlier this year can be assured of a high level of safety with low injury readings recorded in all physical crash tests,” Mr Goodwin added.


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