Do you want to see a ute version of the new Land Rover Defender? It’s possible.

ARE WE soon to see the return of Land Rover’s Defender ute? Maybe.

The new Defender’s D7x platform underneath is ready to carry a new-generation Defender utility-body, according to a Land Rover source speaking to Autocar, saying that it’s “technically possible,” though the source goes on to suggest that it’s not the right time to do it. In fact, it may never be, if the volume and price can’t compete with stalwarts in the ute market. At least we know that Land Rover is considering it.

The British marque has form building Defender utes with models such as the previous-generation 110 and 130 crew cabs. But it seems that unlike those vehicles, Land Rover’s plans for a new model would be much different, forgoing the rugged ‘bushie’ ute style to create an urban dual-cab styleside with a bit of poshness inside… and all of that would cost far too much, “unless such a vehicle were produced in much larger quantities and at lower prices,” the report states.

The boffins in the UK probably figure it would fail, a bit like the Mercedes-Benz X-Class, though that car wasn’t even based on a Benz platform. The other problem is that Land Rover believes a Defender ute might be too cool and take away attention from the wagon, which is due to lob into Australia this year.

Locally, we’ll see the new Defender 110, followed by the short-wheelbase 90 and, while not yet confirmed, it is believed a longer three-row 130 is also in the making to join the lineup. After that, and if sales head in the right direction, we might see the Defender ute return.

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  1. Does the new Defender have a chassis? If not, it would not be a true replacement for the original go-anywhere ute.

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