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Land Rover launches three limited edition Defenders

Land Rover has returned to Red Wharf Bay in Anglesey to launch three new limited edition Defenders (only two will be available here) and unveil a 1km sand drawing.

WITH PRODUCTION OF the Land Rover Defender in wind down ahead of an all-new model likely in 2016, Land Rover has launched three new limited-edition models, although only two will be available in Australia. Land Rover has also announced it’s looking at continuing production of the current Defender outside of the UK and for sale outside of the EU (and that likely means Australia, too). It’s likely the existing Defender would be produced in India.

Land Rover Vehicle Line Director Nick Rogers says: “Passion and enthusiasm surround everything we do with Defender, and that will never change. With a history stretching back 68 years, this is a Land Rover that has thrived for decades on its unquestionable capability and iconic shape. I now have the honour of being one of the many enthusiasts at Land Rover committed to creating a fitting successor to the legendary Defender.”

To celebrate the Defender and launch the three limited-edition Defenders, Land Rover has created the largest sand drawing ever produced in the UK. A Defender outline measuring 1km across was drawn on the beach at Red Wharf Bay in Anglesey using a fleet of six Land Rovers. The unique image is a tribute to the moment in 1947 when the engineering director of Rover, Maurice Wilks, first sketched the shape for the original Land Rover in the sand of Red Wharf Bay and proposed the idea to his brother Spencer, Rover’s managing director.

Creating the giant piece of temporary artwork at Red Wharf Bay required a fleet of six Land Rovers, each towing an agricultural 12-foot harrow to draw the outline of the Defender in the sand. Those vehicles were: a Land Rover Series I, II and III, a Ninety from the Eighties, a Defender 90 Hard Top and a Defender 110 Station Wagon.

Limited Edition Defenders

As mentioned, there are three limited-edition Defenders being launched, but only two will make it to Australia, the Heritage and the Adventure. There will only be 80 examples of the Autobiography and so won’t be offered outside the UK. All models are powered by a 2.2-litre turbo-diesel.

The Autobiography Edition promises more performance, luxury and comfort than ever before thanks to its comprehensive equipment list, unique duo-tone paintwork, full Windsor leather upholstery and a power upgrades. Only 80 Defender Autobiography Editions will be available in the UK. It will be produced exclusively as a 90 Station Wagon.

The Heritage Edition is inspired by early Land Rover models. It will be identified by distinctive Grasmere Green paintwork and a contrasting white roof. A heritage grille and HUE 166 graphics, recalling the registration plate of the first ever pre-production Land Rover nicknamed ‘Huey’, also identify the Heritage model. It hits showrooms from August with production limited to 2654 globally. Prices in Australia will be announced later this year.

Land Rover Defender Heritage Edition

The Adventure Edition comes fitted with additional underbody protection and Goodyear MT/R tyres to boost the Defender’s already class-leading all-terrain capability. Unique decals and a leather-trimmed cabin help the Adventure Edition stands out from the Defender crowd. A total of 2277 Adventure Editions will be available globally. Prices in Australia will be announced later this year.

Land Rover Defender Adventure

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9 years ago

Had a 68 shorty ,took me all the way thru dark Africa back in 74,bone shivering ride but unstoppable , apart from when I got stuck on a rock in a crocodile invested river, used the winch an hung the shorty by its nose in a huge tree , the winch would not stop . Anyway it got wind dry , but so did the fuel and engine oil . Great memories back when Africa was still wild Africa . Miss that body breaking shorty the only companion all the way thru Africa. Some stupid Englishmen gave me 500 pounds , I kicked the tyres and say so long shorty old pal . He drove it back to Cape town , not sure if he ever made it as I never saw shorty again

9 years ago
Reply to  Fred

Wow! Sounds like one hell of an adventure.

9 years ago

It was truly magnificent .Did the same thing in 88 much more prepared with a CJ 2 Jeep and a VW Combi panel van fully rigged out .This time with a friend and to marvels girls ,slower progress. But Endless problems with visas and warring countries and 3 day in jail at Mbinda in the Congo and threatened with being shot .But made it .Hard it was but fond memories remain.
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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober