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Kia GT teased again… likely to be a Gen2 Supercars entrant

The upcoming Kia GT has been teased again boasting a 0-100km/h time of 5.1 seconds, making it the quickest accelerating Kia ever…

MORE IMPORTANTLY the build up to the reveal in January of Kia’s new performance car is to create a back story that boasts of its development as a performance vehicle. Kia wants potential buyers to think of it as more than just a maker of affordable compacts and SUVs.

Indeed, Kia has already said publicly that it’s had a couple of discussions with a Supercars team for a likely arrival into the series in 2018. It’s expected that that team is Gary Rogers Motorsport which was backed by Volvo’s Polestar off-shoot as in legal wrangling to continue using those vehicles and engines for the 2017 season. GRM has also publicly admitted its had discussions with a brand new car maker and that it expects its vehicle would be ready to run in 2018.

But we digress. The second video posted on Kia’s The Curve Ahead website shows a blurry vehicle being tested at the brand’s South Korean test facility in Namyang. You get to see lots of blurry shots of the car racing past the camera but that’s about it. And then a graphic saying the thing stopped the clock at 5.1 seconds.

We know that the Kia GT, which is what rumour suggests the name will be, will be heavily influenced by the Kia GT Stinger Concept from the 2014 Geneva Motor Show (see pic below). There’ll be more videos released ahead of the official reveal at the Detroit Motor Show in January.

Question: With Holden announcing its next-generation Commodore will take to the track, there’s strong evidence to suggest the Kia GT will hit the track alongside it. Is that something you’re looking forward to?

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober