Kia has launched a website, called the curve ahead which is counting down to the official reveal of the Kia GT which is January 8.

A TEASER VIDEO showing the Kia GT hitting 244km/h at the Nürburgring has surfaced on Kia’s new website counting down to the reveal of its performance-oriented sedan. Not much is known about the GT, but Kia is clearly taking hints from its Hyundai siblings and the engineers working on that brand’s N range of hot-shoe cars… both brands have been seen testing their machinery at the Nürburgring in Germany.

A short statement accompanying the video said: “The curve ahead is all about potential. The potential to clip every apex, and consume every straight. To take on each twist and turn with agility, speed and progressive design. With a new paradigm of performance on the horizon, Kia’s newest vehicle takes to the grueling Nürburgring to realize its full potential.”

Kia GT teased

While that reads like a lot of marketing waffle you can glean that Kia clearly intends for its GT to be a serious performance car. We’ll keep checking in with the countdown site as it suggests there will be follow up teaser videos in the countdown to the full reveal at the Detroit Motor Show in January.

Question: Can a Kia-built performance car cut the mustard against existing players and, if you think it can, does it suggest the Korean car builders are prepared to do what the Japanese makers are shying away from?


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