Kia has today announced it will offer customers a seven-year warranty, capped price servicing and roadside assistance program.

KIA MOTORS AUSTRALIA has today announced it will offer customers an unlimited-kilometre seven year warranty coupled to a seven year capped-price service program and seven year roadside assist. Kia says this additional warranty will be fully transferable to subsequent owners as along as “the usual conditions of the Kia Connect program had been met,” and that means having the vehicle serviced by an authorised Kia dealer.

“This is a watershed moment in customer care,” KMAu Chief Operating Officer, Damien Meredith, said. “Kia customers now have a peace of mind that can’t be matched in the Australian new car market.

“Crucially, our customers will not be asked to pay any more for their scheduled services than had been the case with the five-year capped-price program.

“The two year increase in warranty, capped-price servicing and roadside assist  is absolutely transparent and we will not be asking our customers to dip into their pockets to fund the extra benefits,” Meredith said.

Kia's seven -year service schedule

The new, seven year capped-price service program doesn’t just apply to new buyers, Kia said all Kia owners would have an additional two years added to their five year capped-price servicing program. The 24/7 roadside assist component of the seven-year package will be renewed at each annual service by an authorised Kia dealer.

Download Kia’s seven year service schedule: Kia 7 Year Service Schedule




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