Head crayon twirler at Jaguar Design for the last 20 years, Ian Callum (64) has announced his departure from Jaguar, leaving behind an impressive design legacy.

Jaguar’s director of design, Ian Callum, has sketched some of the world’s best-known vehicles, including the likes of the Aston Martin DB7, Ford Puma, Ford Escort Cosworth, Volvo C70, Aston Martin DB9, the Jaguar XK, XJ, F-Type(s), XE, E-Pace and the I-Pace. And there’s more.

But, of everything he’s had a hand in designing, Callum claims it’s the Jaguar XF he’s most proud of. “One of my biggest highlights was creating XF because it represented the beginning of a new era moving Jaguar from tradition to contemporary design – it was a significant turning point in our story”.

And the F-Type too is a favourite, he said, because it allowed Jaguar to change the way the brand was perceived. “Designing the F-TYPE was a dream come true for me, and I-PACE was an opportunity to create something hugely innovative that would really challenge the perception of Jaguar – and its success is testament to just how far the brand has come.”

It’s not often automotive designers have such a hand in shaping the way the world sees a brand, but Ian Callum is one. BMW’s old designer, Chris Bangle is another, but he’s remembered with less fondness because of his polarising flame surface designs.

Callum said, “I came into this role with a mission to take Jaguar design back to where it deserved to be. It has taken 20 years, but I believe I have achieved what I set out to do. Given the strength of both our products and the design team I feel that now is the right time to move on, both personally and professionally, and explore other design projects. Designing Jaguar cars was a lifelong dream for me and I’m delighted to remain involved as a consultant for the brand.

Speaking about Callum, Professor Dr Ralf Speth, Jaguar Land Rover Chief Executive Officer said: “The contribution Ian Callum has made to Jaguar’s industry-leading design reputation cannot be over-stated.

“Ian stands for the most forward-thinking, rule-breaking and emotive approach to automotive design. He has created a new Jaguar design language – and his passion for Jaguar has seen the range completely transformed during his 20 years in charge.

“Innovative, beautiful, future-facing and true to our pioneering heritage, Jaguar’s current and award-winning cars are testament to Ian’s dedication – you can see his ‘signature’ in each and every one. In my view, the World Car Design of the Year winning F-TYPE, F-PACE and I-PACE – true game changers – are perhaps his greatest achievements. I believe they will be future icons.

“Both personally, and on behalf of everyone at Jaguar, I would like to thank Ian for all he has done, and I am delighted he has committed to continue to be Jaguar’s brand ambassador as a design consultant.

Stepping into Callum’s shoes (from July 1) will be Julian Thomson, Jaguar’s current Creative Design Director.

Ian Callum’s Career in Cars: 


Ford RS200 Rally Car


Jaguar RD6 Concept


Ford Ghia Via concept


Jaguar XK


Ford Escort Cosworth


Jaguar XF / CXF / Sportbrake


Aston Martin DB7


Jaguar XJ


Volvo C70


Jaguar C-X75 Concept


Ford Puma


Jaguar F-TYPE Convertible


Nissan R390 GT1 Le Mans


Jaguar F-TYPE (C-X16)

1998 / 2001

Aston Martin Vanquish / Project Vantage


Jaguar XE


Aston Martin AM305


Jaguar F-PACE (C-X17)


Jaguar R Coupe Concept


Jaguar E-PACE


Aston Martin DB9


Jaguar I-PACE (I-PACE Concept)


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