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Jaguar Land Rover’s performance team could build own cars

Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations unit could begin producing stand-alone high-performance models, according to the unit’s boss.

JAGUAR LAND ROVER’S Special Vehicle Operations unit looks to be exploring ways in which it can move beyond one-off performance SUVs. In a move that mirrors BMW’s M unit, Audi’s RS division and Mercedes-AMG, JLR SVO could well begin producing its own cars and not just modify existing models in the JLR line-up.

“We’re certainly looking at that, and we’ve got the capability to do that,” said John Edwards, JLR SVO boss. “Is there an opportunity for us to do a completely stand-alone car? Maybe.”

Jaguar’s high-performance division was launched last year and has turned out the Range Rover Sport SVR (R stands for Race), which is the fastest-ever Range Rover. If JLR SVO did begin building high-performance models, it would be following Mercedes-AMG which has produced the SLS and new GT, which are now the top performance models in the line-up.

What do you think, should Jaguar Land Rover begin producing high-performance stand-alone models out of its Special Vehicle Operations team?

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober