Fiat will call its Mazda MX-5 spin-off the Fiat 124 Spider according to FCA boss Sergio Marchionne who spoke with Auto Express.

FCA BOSS, Sergio Marchionne was asked by UK publication Auto Express about the brand’s Mazda MX-5 spin-off, and he confirmed it would be called the Fiat 124 Spider. He said: “Do we want to do it now?” After another executive verified the name, Marchionne responded: “There you go – a world class premiere right in this room!” The name was later confirmed to international media at a briefing at last week’s Geneva Motor Show.

While FCA isn’t shouting from the rooftops about the platform sharing between Mazda and Fiat, the two companies did jointly develop the chassis that sits underneath the MX-5, with the original plan being that it would be slung under an Alfa-Romeo. But, reportedly, FCA boss, Marchionne didn’t want an Alfa-Romeo built outside of Italy.

According to Auto Express, the Fiat 124 will carry retro-inspired styling (original Fiat 124 Spider pictured above). The report also states that Fiat and Mazda had a deal to launch the vehicle’s a year apart, meaning we won’t see the Fiat 124 Spider until next year. An Abarth version could be on the cards.

What do you think about platform sharing? Is it a good idea? A way to keep down costs, or does it just, bearing in mind that each company will put its own spin on the final product, homogenise new cars?


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  1. I hope the fiat version keeps the small luggage space/rear seat space from the old fiat spider. the one thing I don’t like about the Miata is the lack of this extra room in the passenger cabin.

  2. I hope fiat keeps the rear seat space from the previous fiat 124 spider. About the only thing I do not like about the Miata is the lack of interior space to put stuff, briefcase, coat, groceries etc. in the passenger compartment.

  3. Four seater ain’t going to happen. Whilst I believe it’s going to have unique body panels, it’s still going to have the Mazdas bones and hard points. What it seems destined to get, that the MX5 doesn’t get, is a turbo! So at least the Fiat version is going to have some torque to challenge that rear end grip a bit. And that, I think, will be a good thing.

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