Jaguar Land Rover has announced it will add an Ingenium petrol engine to its vehicle line-up mated with its new Transcend transmission.

JAGUAR LAND ROVER (JLR)has announced that it will add an Ingenium petrol engine to its vehicle line-up for both current and future products from 2017. The new petrol engine, which is still largely shrouded in mystery (no power or torque figures have been revealed), will sit alongside the brand’s 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine, and will likely be a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo petrol unit.

According to JLR, the new engine is in production now and promises 25% more power than its current petrol engine range, and a 15% improvement in fuel consumption. “These are the most advanced engines the company has ever developed,” JLR said in a statement.

“The new additions will support the company’s long-term commitment to reduce vehicle emissions and improve fuel economy across its range through the introduction of more efficient engines along with alternative powertrains, lighter vehicles and improved vehicle energy conservation,” JLR said.

The new petrol Ingenium engine is built around a common 500cc displacement per cylinder architecture allowing, says JLR, scalability of the engine to be used in a variety of different applications “as diverse as sports saloons and luxury SUVs”. The new engine will be available for use in 2017.

Nick Rogers, Group Engineering Director, said: “Ingenium has been developed as a modular family of powerful, efficient and refined all-aluminum petrol and diesel engines. All Ingenium engines deliver benchmark low levels of friction, contributing to inherently good efficiency and refinement.”

In addition to a new petrol engine, JLR announced it was also rolling out a new transmission, called Transcend which would further improve the fuel efficiency of its future vehicles “and expand their all-wheel drive capability”. The new transmission runs a wide ratio spread of 20:1 (more than double a conventional eight-speed automatic transmission) and integrates a low-range gearbox, dual clutch and hybrid technologies “to deliver new levels of off-road performance and fuel economy improvements of nearly 10%”.


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