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Isuzu Ute looks set for a decade of double-digit growth

Isuzu Ute continues to punch above its weight and looks set to round out a decade of double-digit sales growth following its half-year performance in 2018.

ISUZU UTE AUSTRALIA is close to rounding out a decade of double-digit growth which is incredibly impressive given the fact this is a two-model brand. The brand’s push to grow in double-digits each year was set back in 2008 when the business launched here. It’s shown double-digit growth ever since, finishing 2017 with 25,804 sales and 10.4% year-on-year growth.

June saw the D-MAX realise 2223 sales (in the one-tonne Ute segment) outselling Nissan Navara (1621), Mazda BT-50 (1426) and VW Amarok (1250) achieving 5th position overall. The D-MAX 4×2 realised 2nd position in the one-tonne Ute 4×2 segment with 607 sales sitting just behind HiLux.

The MU-X continued its dominance of the Ute-based SUV, recording a huge 32% segment share year to date. Since the start of the year, the MU-X has clocked up 4385 units, overtaking the CX-9 and taking 4th position in the SUV-Large segment.

In a statement, Isuzu Ute said, “This positions IUA as the 13th largest sales brand in Australia (ahead of well-established brands such as BMW, Audi, Suzuki and Jeep) with year to date sales growth of 10.6% giving IUA the 2nd highest sales growth among the top 15 brands”.

IUA Managing Director, Hiro Kuramoto, said the recent updates to the range and the competitive aftersales service programs have helped ensure the strong start to the year.

“Since launch, our products have continuously evolved on the back of customer feedback, resulting in our ability to deliver honest, reliable products that are not only fit for purpose, but exceed our customers’ expectations.

“Customer satisfaction is a defining factor in our ongoing success,” he continued, “which combined with the quality of our product and our after-sales care package defines the positive customer experience that people expect when purchasing and maintaining a vehicle.

“I believe that if we can continue to respond to customer feedback and deliver on our promises, our brand will continue to grow from strength to strength.” said Kuramoto.

“Our results so far this year have deepened our confidence in achieving our target of a decade of double-digit growth in 2018, and while we are well aware of the challenges ahead of us in the second-half of the year, I am confident we can sustain our rapid growth with more customers than ever preparing to go their own way.”

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober