The all-new 2018 Subaru XV will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show next month… but an internal marketing brochure seems to have been leaked early.

THE ALL-NEW 2018 Subaru XV will be officially revealed to the world at the Geneva Motor Show next month. Subaru previously teased a shadowy profile picture of the XV to the press and has launched a countdown website, now it would seem a marketing brochure has been leaked.

Practical Motoring received the two images you see here from a regular and reliable source. The images appear to be from some sort of Japan domestic marketing brochure for the new Subaru XV, although Fuji Heavy Industries has told Practical Motoring that the images are not “official image of the all-new XV”, while Subaru Australia responded with “no comment” when asked about the images.

But we’re not so sure. A quick translation of the wording around the pics reveals that the new Subaru XV will go on-sale in Japan in April (which ties in with a local on-sale date of June) and be available for pre-order from 8th March, or just after its global reveal in Geneva. This suggests we’re looking at either a marketing brochure for the Japan Domestic Market or some sort of dealer communication.

The all-new 2018 Subaru XV will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show next month... but an internal marketing brochure seems to have been leaked early.

Elsewhere on the image, there’s mention of the colours it will be available in, and that the new XV will be available with a 1.6-litre four-cylinder petrol engine – this is a Japan Domestic Market engine only… In Australia, we’ll see the XV with the same 2.0-litre four-cylinder Boxer engine as the new Impreza. Beyond this there’s the usual guff that the new XV will offer great pricing, ride and handling thanks to the new Global Platform and be a “real SUV”. The document also makes mention of the car being available in nine colours.

The new XV borrows plenty of styling cues from the new Impreza, from the new headlights to the body panels, adding typical XV styling of a chunky contrasting colour front and rear bumper and wheel arches. According to the document, the XV will stand 1550mm tall which is 70mm taller than the Impreza hatch (1480mm) but, according to the document still short enough to fit into ‘tower carparks’ meaning low-roof car parking spaces common in Japan. The Impreza has 130mm of ground clearance; add the 70mm difference between the two and you get 200mm of ground clearance. Further translation of the document has revealed that the approach angle will be 18-degrees and the departure an impressive 30 degrees.

Expect the new XV to mirror internal changes to the Impreza too. Meaning, the boot will be bigger, as will the interior space for both front and rear passengers. It will also get Subaru’s Eyesight collision avoidance system and an upgraded infotainment unit that will offer Apple Car Play and Android Auto connectivity.

While Japanese models will get a 1.6L engine, locally we’ll see the XV equipped with the same engine and transmission as the Impreza, which means a 2.0-litre four-cylinder Boxer engine (petrol) making 115kW and 196Nm which will be mated to a CVT only with simulated ‘seven speeds’. While, on paper, this package doesn’t seem particularly gutsy, our testing of the Impreza has revealed that it’s more than capable of handling the daily grind.

And, in typical Subaru style, the new XV will get permanent all-wheel drive and a full-size spare. The Impreza only gets a space saver spare, but Subaru fits all its SUV models with a full-size spare.

Question: What do you think of the new XV, and would you wait and buy it instead of the Impreza?


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  1. Coming from the current XV and having driven an Impreza, the Impreza is a more spirited drive than XV because of its weight.

    Thus, to answer the question, unless Subaru is willing to tweak the XV for more power or droping in the 1.6L turbo, I will pick Impreza.

  2. Poor engines and woeful gearbox destroys the driving experience in standard Impreza and XV. To not offer a manual or real automatic is ridiculous as is to have the gutless 2.0l as the only choice.

    1. Agree. Typical gutless Subaru engine. Supposedly a new engine yet can’t even make 200Nm from two litres. Unless you buy a gas guzzling $48k turbo Forester or WRX, or 3.6L Outback (still not DI) they are all donkeys.

      1. Hi Craig, how do you know the 2.0L is gutless? Based on the numbers? The numbers don’t always tell the whole story. I’ve spent plenty of time in the new Impreza, with the whole family and gear loaded in, and it did everything it was asked to do. There was power for overtaking on hills and keeping up with traffic. It’s not a rally car, it’s a town car… and it’s got more than enough grunt for that. Cheers Isaac
        PS. That doesn’t mean the chassis couldn’t handle more grunt.

        1. Come on Isaac, I have driven this car in the previous generation and the engine is gutless and crude, the number it’s making haven’t improved in a decade and it was gutless back then when the cars were lighter. As for a CVT are you kidding, give me a 6-8 spd auto or DCT any day of the year, I can;’t stand these gearboxes, they are vile to drive and what’s the point of making it behave like a real auto, just give us the real thing.

          The only Subaru worth driving is the WRX with a 6 spd manual.

          1. I get your point, but as a daily driver it’s not as bad as it’s being made out to be. I honestly don’t have a problem with it… and we’re off-side on the WRX and a manual. Our Robert loves it, but I reckon the CVT is a better car… Get’s tweaked (read: better) suspension and is much smoother. The WRX manual is too notchy. I should know, I owned one. Loved it and hated it. – Isaac

  3. Geez, what with the negativity! Go to CarAdvice and be negative there.

    Thanks Isaac, Good information about dimensions and approach/departure angels.

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