The Hyundai Veloster Rear Midship concept was revealed at the Busan Motor Show in South Korea last year and has been caught testing in Korea.

HYUNDAI REVEALED the Veloster Rear Midship concept last May (2014) at the Busan Motor Show. but there was no suggestion it might go from being show car to road car. But, overnight, images surfaced on the Internet, namely the Blood Type Racing Facebook page that seems to show  a camouflaged, road-going version of the Rear Midship concept.

Details were scarce when the vehicle was revealed last year, but what Hyundai did say was that the Veloster’s 2.0-litre Theta GDI four-cylinder petrol engine was taken out of the front and bolted in behind the driver with power pumped up to 220kW. Although there was no confirmation, the mid-mounted engine clearly drives the rear wheels.

At the time the Rear Midship was revealed, Hyundai said it was only to test the limitations of the Veloster chassis. Now it would seem it’s going one step further.

Interesting too that the photos have shown up on the Bloodtype Racing FB page given its association with Hyundai in the US. Are we taking one plus one and coming up with three?


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