The alternative-fuel Hyundai IONIQ has been further revealed in interior and exterior design sketches – it will be revealed in Korea later this month.

THE HYUNDAI IONIQ will offer buyers the choice of being either a full electric, plug-in petrol/electric hybrid, or petrol/electric hybrid. It will be launched in Korea later this month and then shown again at the Detroit and New York Motor Shows later in the year. Indeed, the IONIQ is available for pre-order in some markets already.

“The exterior of the IONIQ features a distinguished, cutting-edge aerodynamic design,” Hyundai said in a short statement. The coupe-like silhouette is intended to minimise wind resistance and aid fuel efficiency. “At the front of the car, familiar Hyundai design themes are evident – notably the signature hexagonal grille – as striking blue and white colors blend with the headlights to visually depict the purity of the IONIQ as an eco-friendly car.”

Hyundai IONIQ revealed again

What about the interior? Well, we can expect it to be well-built and practical with Hyundai’s full suite of connectivity on offer. The Korean car maker also said, “The efficient use of interior space provides a sleek and light feel, which continues through the logical layout of control functions. Simple and stylish surfaces make use of eco-friendly materials to convey a futuristic yet warm cabin ambience that will meet the needs of those wishing to reduce the impact their motoring has on the environment while enjoying outstanding fuel efficiency, performance and handling”.


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