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Honda cuts two CR-V model prices by $1000

Honda have reduced CR-V pricing on selected models.

We’ll leave Honda Australia Managing Director Stephen Collins to explain:

“The upgraded Honda CR-V was released back in December with a number of specification, technology, styling and variant upgrades across both the two-wheel and four-wheel drive petrol models”.


“Today we are announcing more aggressive pricing to further boost sales in this highly competitive segment.”

Some of changes in December 2014 for the CR-V Series II were:

  • VTi spec got receive Honda’s Display Audio system with Bluetooth connectivity and audio streaming along with one HDMI and two USB ports. The reversing camera was upgraded to feature three modes: top-down, wide and normal.
  • The VTi-S variants got Smart Entry with push-button start, auto wipers, auto headlights, front and rear sensors, dual-zone climate control and lane departure control
  • Display Audio Plus with inbuilt satellite navigation
  • leather-appointed trim.

Below is the new pricing for all CR-V models compared with the previous pricing.  All prices exclude on-road costs. 

    Flat Paint Metallic Paint
  Model Old Price New Price Difference Old Price New Price Difference
CR-V 2WD Manual VTi  $27,490 $27,490 $0 $28,065 $28,065 $0
Automatic VTi  $29,790 $29,790 $0 $30,365 $30,365 $0
Automatic  VTi-S $32,290 $33,290 -$1,000 $32,865 $33,865 -$1,000
Automatic  VTi-L $39,290 $39,290 $0 $39,865 $39,865 $0
CR-V 4WD Automatic VTi  $32,790 $32,790 $0 $33,365 $33,365 $0
Automatic VTi-S  $35,290 $36,290 -$1,000 $35,865 $36,865 -$1,000
Automatic VTi-L  $42,290 $42,290 $0 $42,865 $42,865 $0
Automatic VTi-L ADAS $45,790 $45,790 $0 $46,365 $46,365 $0

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Robert Pepper

Robert Pepper