Famed British sportscar maker TVR is back, and taking deposits for a new car.

The British mass-production car manufacturers were killed by poor management, stiff overseas competition and unions.  But the niche manufacturers live on, particuarly in the racing and sportscar world.   Britian is the centre of the world for Formula 1 teams, and British engineering expertise (and drivers) can be found the world over.

A little further down the ladder and there are the British sportscars manufacturers, which are all small-scale, but well regarded.  There is Lotus, Caterham, Ariel, Caparo, BAC, Noble and Morgan.  Some of these will be familiar names only to the enthusiast, but you may have heard of McLaren, who make roadcars as well as run an F1 team.

And then there is TVR.  Or was.  Then wasn’t.  Now is again.

A TVR (it comes from TrEvoR) is a classic, old-school sportscar.  You take a big engine, put it in a two-door coupe, drive the rear wheels and, well, that’s about it.

TVRs have never been noted for their build quality, handling prowess, value or anything else people would normally value in a car.   That’s kind of the point, they’re not normal cars.  And the company isn’t normal either, having been born, sold, shut down and restarted more than a couple of times.

But now TVR is back.  And it’s back with two well-respected names.  There’s Gordon Murray – designer of the McLaren F1 and all-round car legend.   The other is Cosworth, who are famous for F1 engines, tuned Ford Sierras and all sorts of things that go fast.  The combination is exciting.

TVR was most recently resecurrted in 2013, and as of mid-2015 they plan to have a car on sale in 2017.  In order to break into the volume market this will be a front-drive hybrid hatchback that “still handles like a TVR”.

Only kidding.  If that were true TVR fans from around the would converge on TVR HQ and burn it to the ground, assuming their cars lasted the journey.  Instead, TVR say the new car will be:

  • British in every way [ hopefully not in every way ]
  • True to TVR’s DNA and heritage [ not just one, but both, whatever that means ]
  • V8, front-engined with manual transmission & rear wheel drive
  • A two seat coupe/convertible
  • Breathtaking in appearance and performance
  • Incredible value for money [ not seeing how that’ll happen with limited production runs, but we’ll see ]

And they claim it will be one of the most eagerly anticipated vehicles of the decade.  I don’t think I’d argue, as those specs are what true enthusiasts pine for yet are increasingly rare.  And it’s a TVR…a real beast to master! 

You can reserve your 2017 TVR now, because as of 7/7/15 TVR is taking deposits of 5000 UKP for the vehicle.  Unless you are a TVR Car Club member in which case you get priority and a discount on the deposit. 

If TVR ever have a press car in Australia you can be sure we’ll be begging for a drive.




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