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Holden offers $500 Test Drive Challenge…

Holden is offering $500 to anyone who test drives their vehicles and then ends up buying a competitor’s product.

HOLDEN HAS announced it will offer potential car buyers a $500 carrot to woo them to test-drive its range of vehicles. The Lion brand has said that if a car buyer test drives one of its products and still goes on to buy a competitor’s vehicle then it will hand over $500. We can only imagine you would need to provide proof of purchase to get your $500.

“It’s a bold move but one we do with confidence,” says Kristian Aquilina, Holden’s Marketing Director, of the new Test Drive Challenge.

“We know this is the best range of cars we’ve offered and in terms of safety, technology, customer service, value and that famous Holden driving spirit, we can’t be beaten.

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“Holden is evolving, no question. The new vehicle line-up is fantastic and we challenge new car buyers to experience how good they are and form their own opinion. We’re so confident in them, we’re willing to put $500 down if they go on to buy something else.”

The Test Drive Challenge as it’s being called will be supported by a new advertising campaign showing off the local engineering team that participated in the localisation of Holden products. The brand has moved from a manufacturer to an importer.

Question: Would $500 prompt you to test drive a Holden?

Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober

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