New Mazda BT-50 models destined for showroom floors begin rolling off the boat and show us what to expect.

It’s not often a manufacturer sends out a press release that stock of a new model has rolled off the boat, but that’s exactly what an excited team at Mazda has done.

And fair enough, having sold the previous second-gen BT-50 for almost a decade in Australia, it must be refreshing to have an all-new ute about to launch into Australia’s biggest-selling market. And given that it is based on the impressive Isuzu D-Max which launched last month, we have a good feeling this third-gen BT-50 will pique plenty of interest.

Video Walkaround: New Mazda BT-50 ute

The 39 dual-cab utes you see here rolled of the Florida Highway this week, a 199-metre long by 32m wide vehicle carrier that docked into Brisbane. It ferried the vehicles over from the production plant in Thailand.

Of the utes, we see that there are some cab chassis as well as styleside variants. The new lineup will consist of three trim grades – XT, XTR and GT (the flagship). There’s also an almost soul red looking ute which we haven’t seen yet, perhaps Mazda’s answer to the D-Max’s hero orange.

While nothing groundbreaking, the candid images do give a good look at how the new BT-50 will look on urban roads – where many tradies will steer them. We will also be reviewing the new model next month when it officially launches and is also available to customers.


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