Renault has released a video, called Trafic Rider to celebrate the recent launch of the all-new Trafic light commercial vehicle, casting it in the role f K.I.T.T.

AS ANYONE OVER THE age of 30 will recognise, Trafic Rider is a remake of the opening sequence of Knight Rider, the cult TV show featuring Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff), a modern-day hero working for a philanthropic foundation, and his high-tech car equipped with a built-in, artificially intelligent computer.

Rather than fighting crime, this dynamic duo, so Renault says, aims to communicate the bond business owners have with their vans.

Caroline Mechaï, Global Advertising & Media Director at Renault, says, “This is an unprecedented initiative for a Renault LCV. The intention is to give Trafic a more dynamic image and reach out to a broader audience than simply business users.”


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