The Federal Government is committing $6.64 million to fund ANCAP across the next five years, saying the work ANCAP does is vital to improving the safety of vehicles.

THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has marked the start of National Road Safety week by announcing a continuation of funding for ANCAP for the next five years to the tune of $6.64 million. Obviously, with ANCAP now syncing with EuroNCAP and no local automotive manufacturing there’s less focus on local crash testing, so ANCAP is pushing for a greater role in road safety advocacy in general.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Michael McCormack said today, “The work of the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) is vital to improving the safety of vehicles on Australian roads and it is crucial we provide assistance at a Federal level to help it continue”.

“We are investing in making roads safer around Australia – especially in the regions – which helps drivers, but this is just one piece of the puzzle. 

“That’s why the Government is working as best it can with State and Territory Governments, road safety advocates and organisations, such as ANCAP, to head towards zero road fatalities in Australia.”

Minister for Urban Infrastructure and Cities Paul Fletcher said, “Whether it’s vehicle safety standards, upgraded and new roads or general awareness about road safety, we are determined to do our bit to ensure those who travel on the roads can get to their destination sooner and safer.

“While safety standards have improved over the past 20 years, our support for ANCAP will keep ensuring Australians get the right information about their vehicle’s safety before purchase and independent testing of vehicles will continue to provide consumers with that information.”

ANCAP Chief Executive James Goodwin said, “Continued emphasis to elevate the safety of new vehicles – as well as to reduce the overall age of the nation’s registered vehicle fleet – are critical to reducing the number of deaths and injuries caused by serious crashes.

“All Australian road users will see the benefits of this contribution, with the new funding commitment announced today enabling ANCAP to further broaden its range of tests, and expand its advocacy and community education activities,” Mr Goodwin added.

The ANCAP program will now continue until at least 2023, but some might reasonably suggest the Federal Government should simply mandate that all new cars imported into Australia be fitted as standard with AEB and other active safety systems or be ineligible for sale in Australia. Sure, ANCAP plays its part in local crash testing, but more and more car makers are side-stepping local tests, like the Holden Commodore, for instance, and others besides. With the local rating merely mirroring that of Euro NCAP crash testing.

To editorialise, if the Government was serious about improving the safety credentials of vehicles sold in this country, then simply making any car below a five-star rating ineligible, would ensure that car makers only introduce the ‘safest’ of cars into the country. Do you agree? Would love to hear alternative ideas on this?


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