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Extreme Vauxhall Vivaro test [w/video]

Days after Ford released footage of its new Transit undergoing ‘extreme’ testing, Vauxhall has released footage of its own extreme Vauxhall Vivaro test.

ACCORDING TO THE PRESS RELEASE, this never-before-seen footage shows Stig-aro testing the agility, durability and safety of the new Vivaro van, which is apparently (tongue is firmly in cheek) commonplace among the 1200-strong workforce at the company’s Luton factory. “J-turns, handbrake turns and driving on two wheels across designated parts of the factory floor are just some of the tests that have been employed at the plant, and illustrate Vauxhall’s commitment to making the New Vivaro the toughest and most driveable van on the market,” or so Vauxhall’s release says.

Plant Director, Mike Wright, said: “As Britain’s largest LCV manufacturer, we want to ensure that every customer receives the very best van that we can produce, and that means putting it through the most demanding manoeuvres we can think of.

“Our official test driver – known as ‘Stig-aro’ (aka stunt driver, Paul Swift) to the men and women on the production line – has now got his procedure off to such a fine art that it barely raises an eyebrow in the factory. They just let him get on with it. But please don’t try this at home!”

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober