NSW Police has announced changes to the way it responds to tow-away only crashes which take affect from Wednesday October 15. Here’s what you need to know.

FROM OCTOBER 15 (Wednesday) NSW Police will no longer be required to attend tow-away only crashes in a bid to cut red tape.

According to a statement by NSW Police, accidents where no-one is hurt, information is exchanged and one of the parties doesn’t appear to be either intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, drivers will be able to organise their own tow vehicle if required. However, if one of the parties fails to exchange details, or someone is hurt, or one of the drivers is clearly intoxicated then the NSW Police will attend the accident.

Reporting an accident to the NSW Police Assistance Line, for insurance purposes, will from October 15 no longer be required either – although, NSW Police has said that if drivers aren’t able to organise a tow vehicle themselves “after having exhausted all other options” then the NSW Police Assistance Line will organise one.

According to Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander Assistant Commissioner John Hartley, removing the requirement for NSW Police to attend minor accidents would remove the likelihood of secondary accidents at the scene and free up police resources.

“With drivers now able to move their cars off the road quicker and more efficiently, we will ultimately see a reduction in blocked lanes and traffic delays.

“The changes will mean drivers involved in tow-away only collisions will now be able to safely make their way off the road and organise their own tow from the area,” he said.
NSW Police have released an information graphic explaining the steps you should take if you’re involved in a minor accident – You can download it here: NSW Police – Changes to tow-away only crashes


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  1. Presume next police will only attend a murder scene if someone is very dead, dead and drunk, dead and under the influence or refuses to hand over details to concerned bystanders… 😉

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