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Build a full-size Lego McLaren 720S

McLaren will show off an incomplete full-size Lego McLaren 720S at the Goodwood Festival of Speed which kicks off from the end of this month.

MCLAREN WILL GIVE visitors to the Goodwood Festival of Speed this weekend the chance to help build a full-size Lego McLaren 720S. In preparation for the project, McLaren engineers worked with the Speed Champions Lego team in Denmark, providing CAD data to fully realise the build. The model was built up around a steel frame, with a team of six working for more than 2000 hours to build the car by hand.

McLaren said: “The 1:1 scale model will arrive at the Goodwood stand incomplete. In order to finish the build, visitors to the McLaren stand will need to place orange McLaren bricks in designated parts of the car, with the 720S reaching completion by the Sunday at the end of the Festival of Speed.

“Just preparing the car for Goodwood has required more than 267,300 Lego bricks, with McLaren fans visiting the stand expected to add over 12,700 to completely finish the build. When it’s finished it will weigh in at 1.6 tons; more than the road-going 720S’s 1283kg lightest dry weight”.

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Isaac Bober

Isaac Bober