The all-new MG GS which goes on-sale next month in the UK completed its hot weather testing in Australia… it’ll launch here sometime soon.

IN WHAT IS the clearest hint so far that the new MG GS will go on-sale in Australia sometime soon, MG has releases limited details on the testing sites used to prepare the thing for production. And Australia served as the backdrop for hot weather testing.

Using the Northern Territory as a test site for hot weather testing isn’t new, in fact, all car makers selling their vehicles here will have, at one time, tested them in the Outback. So, could it suggest the MG GS will go on-sale here sooner rather than later? Yes, but no-one knows just when. See MG is here, in Australia, just invisibly at the moment… a sleeper brand, if you like.

In a short statement, MG said that ahead of the launch of the GS it wanted to show “what it’s gone through to ensure it performs at its best”.

“The GS has travelled over 750,000 miles as part of its testing and it has braved the 46°C heat of Australia’s Alice Springs and -30° chills of Arjeplog in Sweden. Testing in such extreme temperatures guarantee that wherever you take your GS for adventures, it will stand up to the challenge,” MG said in a statement.

“To make sure the GS is as streamlined and fuel efficient as possible, it was also put through more than 200 hours of wind tunnel testing to develop its highly-efficient aerodynamics.

“Testing has also covered the ‘wet dog in car’ scenario. By placing wet cloths in the GS, tests were able to determine how quickly the car can demist when moisture is present inside. Carrying out tests like this allow engineers to fine tune systems to ensure the GS runs at its optimum performance.”

Matthew Cheyne, Head of Sales and Marketing for MG, said: “When you look into what a new car endures prior to going on sale, it’s fascinating and demonstrates the effort that goes into ensuring the car is the best it can possibly be.

“With the imminent arrival of the GS, we’re excited to share facts and figures and nuggets of information people may have not been privy to before. By sharing these, we’re showing customers that when they step into the GS they know it can stand up to all challenges and adventures they put it through.”


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  1. They should price it more than the havel, that will work for sure 🙂

    Use the in stock 3 year old new hatch MG as reference 🙂

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